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Welcome to Oodes


“Back in 2005 i was convinced that my days of making beats was coming to an end as other interesting music came into my world. One of the things that inspired me at that time, was the whole broken beat scene.The sound is not that “up to date” in 2013, but i still really love some of the stuff i did back then. These tracks are far from what im doing today, but i think they still deserve some light. Welcome to Oodes” – Stacks

Lord Akton “When I Get Ready For Departure” ft. Astrid Engberg (video)

In June 2012 Lord Akton released his debut album “Days” via GSM. Listening to “Days”, you go on a journey through 12 tracks of everything from dusty space jazz to sonic hip hop. Now you can check out the 2nd video where we aim to capture that feeling with the tracks Ta Mig Videre and TP209 surrounding one of our favorite tunes off the album “When I Get Ready For Departure” featuring singer Astrid Engberg. Video by Anthon P. Nymark

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