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Nahm-Sayn “The Long Walk” (Video)

Nahm-Sayn is one of the more secret characters on our roster, and not much information is to be found about him. At the moment he is exploring the music of the far regions of the world and working on a couple of releases . In the mean time check out this short video for his new track “The Long Walk”.

Oranges And Apples – Viktor Douglas Henderson To Exhibit in Dresden in July

Most of you probably noticed that we got a new logo done recently. This was created by the artist Viktor Douglas Henderson, a guy who will also be responsible for the cover art of some releases to come on GSM. In July you can catch his work in Dresden at the exhibition called “Oranges And Apples” along with Fabian Kuntzsch and Sylvester Hegner. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check it out!