Lord Akton ‘Spectator : Music inspired by Carsten Meinert Kvartet’ – Out July 12th on LP/Download











During Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2016, Lord Akton was asked to play a three-hour set in connection with a Jazz Remixed event and he chose to focus on the classic jazz album by Carsten Meinert Kvartet: “To You”. Lord Akton started sampling bits of every track into his MPC 2000 and ended up with 7 beats. Being one of Lord Akton’s all time favourite albums though, he was not satisfied and spent around 9 months more, glued to his workspace, to finish it up.

”Spectator” is now an album consisting of 8 tracks, all with references to “To You”. An album filled with obscure samples, fat, spaced out synths, edgy percussion and deep bass lines and grooves.

Listen to the track ‘Freedom Music’ below:

Join the release reception on July 12th at Palmspree

Debut concert featuring Magnus Wiinblad on sax on July 15th a Mellemrummet



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