Under The Influence: Olof Melander ‘Deep Stream’












Under The Influence started a couple years ago as a short lived line of events embracing the diversity in music in intimate settings. We now continue the idea in a new series of podcasts, mix-tapes, collages and live recordings. The content will be provided of by all the good people around us, from our own roster to music loving friends of the family including dj´s, collectors, producers and musicians

Olof Melander aka Iller The Abstract Giraffe is first to go. The title of the mix is ‘Deep Stream’ and its the perfect name for whats in store after you press play. Olof do we he do best and dives into the rivers of abstract beats, jazz and astro travelling tunes from himself and a wide range of fellow musical thinkers.

” ‘Deep Stream’ represents sanctuary and progression in a year that politically shown us that we keep taking steps backward. Let the music guide us forward towards unity and strength.” – Olof Melander

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