Sofa T ‘Opus Sofa’ – Out Now!


Opus Sofa is the full-length debut from Copenhagen hip-hop producer and beatmaker Sofa T. This 40 minute ride through time, space and technology is a look into the strange mindstate of someone who chose music as a way of life. It’s fast paced, bouncy and packed with beats and obscure soundbites.

It moves between classic, soulful hip-hop over spaced out interludes to Sofa’s very own brands of funk. The sound borrows from everything from jazz, soul, latin and 80’s electronics to rare occult and children’s records. Sofa samples everything. You’re in for an eclectic journey through styles and regions, all tied together by a tight wire of instrumental hip-hop.

Get your cassette or download now via Bandcamp. or iTunes

Also join the release party this coming Saturday at Palmspree with Sofa T, I Kicked A Cloud Once, Fou Fou, Scratchmagic and Stacks.
Where&When: Stefansgade 10, 2200 KBH. N 18 – 23 – free entrance

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