Lord Akton “Days” Out Now On Limited Edition 50 Cassettes And Download

It is with great pleasure that we now present our 10th release. This comes from Lord Akton and is titled ”Days”. Behind the alias we find 27 year old danish producer/dj Jesper Koblauch, known especially for Veteran Cosmic Rocker. He’s toured with the group all over Denmark, and even brought the act to Senegal and Gambia last year. Now it’s time for his first solo album, which has been in the making in the last couple of years and is inspired by events in this period of his life. The end result is this string of tracks, all with a twist of the future meeting the past, that touch everything from space-jazz to futuristic hip-hop. You will only find two features on ”Days”, but from two of the most talented new acts we have in Denmark at the moment. On ”Move Towards Freedom”, phenomenal mc Verb Ink – and on ”When I Get Ready For Departure”, sublime vocalist Astrid Engberg chips in with some soulfullness.

This is also our second cassette-tape release and it is now available in a limited edition of 50 via Bandcamp or in GoodLife, Stefansgade 12.

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