Sean Got Steamed EP Vol. 2 – Out Now!

Once again Inspired is on point with a new free EP in the “Sean Got” series. Since the release of the first EP “Sean Got Beats” attention has been rising through out the Internet. Renowned blogs such as Kevin Nottingham, the Italian site Flow Worthy, Passion Junkies and Dubcnn has shown interest and support for the project by posting links and press material. This time he teamed up with the Danish producer/emcee Damp for the second installment, entitled “Sean Got Steamed!” Features consist of Mike Raw, Nappion and the unknown debutant Pimp Girdle. The style is filthy and a bit more edgy than the prequel EP “Sean Got Beats” but with the same approach and love for Hip-Hop. Get it FREE HERE

…..and also remember to check out the recently released video for his track Sparker of the Sean Got Beats!

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