Another Tape From L´s Crib

Monday afternoon Master L aka Deathstar Audio Empror mixed up yet another great mix….

1. Platinum Pied Pipers – Fever (Instr.)
2. Wajeed – Pistol Whipped (Instr.)
3. Ticklah – Shine Remix (Instr.)
4. People Under the Stairs, Capitol A & Goapele – Try Me Remix
5. The Clonius – Emora
6. Lawless Element ft. Diverse – Something
7. Plex – Midas (Leaving Scars with shots mix) (Instr.)
8. The Procussions – J.O.B
9. Schoolz of Thought – It’z Goin’ Down (Feel Good)
10. Ben Mono – Transmission (Bell Remix)
11. Ben Mono ft. Kerry L. Dooley – Binary Poetry
12. Sussan Deyhim – Bade Saba (Dj Spooky Remix)
13. Omega One – Coup D’etat (Instr.)
14. Sa-Ra – The Second Time Around (Instr.)
15. Madlib – Party Up (Instr.)
16. Sa-Ra – The Second Time Around (Accapella)
17. J-Dilla – MCA (Instr.)
18. Dimlite – Raymond’s Young Problems
19. The Nextmen – In My Hands (Instr.)
20. Mr. Burns – Monte Carlo 1962
21. Frank N’ Dank – Whut Up! (Ooouhtro)
Mixed, Roasted & Blended by Dj Master L the Deathstar Audio Emperor a Monday Afternoon on 2 Tehnics 1210 & 1 Technics SH-EX 1200 Mixer @ L’s Crib. This tape goes well with parks, ice cream, sunshine etc

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