Last podcast’s of 2009 out now!

As the years is closing in, we are uploading the last podcast’s of 2009 from CphMostBlunted and THEFUNKFILES. In the past year we have had a bunch of Mc’s in the studio and to end the year right we invited Mc Tia to join us last Friday on CphMostBlunted to talk about her newly released EP “Shades Of Variety”. On THEFUNKFILES, Stacks did what he always do….brings the funk from different decades to your ears and this time he looked at a line of new re-issues and compilation with African funk and jazz!! In next week the last podcast of the year and the last podcast in the Sound Escape Live series will be released, this time with Eloq & Nabo of Newfolder Check em all out at or click on the pictures below……..see you in 2010.

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