Sofa T ‘Opus Sofa’ – tracklist and credits.










Back in May we released the free EP ‘Food Buttons’ from Sofa T. Next up is his full-length debut ‘Opus Sofa‘, which features no less than 31 tracks. This 40 minute ride through time, space and technology is a look into the strange mindstate of someone who chose music as a way of life. It’s fast paced, bouncy and packed with beats and obscure soundbites.

‘Opus Sofa’ is out on cassette and all digital formats in September.

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Sofa T ‘Food Buttons’

Sofa T is one of the most productive button pushers we know, making enough beats to release an album a month. The sound of his beats is raw and uncut with a layer of dust in a perfect blend that don´t come around often these days. So its a great pleasure to help him load of some of the many beats. First up is the 8 track ep Food Buttons, and in late summer 2016 we will be releasing his debut album Opus Sofa with 20+ tracks.

Food Buttons was produced away from the studio in the confines of Sofa’s Copenhagen apartment. All that was used was a Roland SP-404, a Moog Werkstatt, a Sony Walkman, some cassette tapes and a load of dope samples provided by Sofa’s partner in crime FOU FOU – usually during long nights after chowing down yet another gourmet home cooked meal.

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