Under The Influence : Enafos ‘Foutyfivesatthirtythree’





The latest mix in our Under The Unfluence series comes from producer and dj Enafos and is a slow paced journey into the wonderful world of 45 singles in 33rpm. The mix includes tracks from a wide range of artist across a broad span of genres including some of his own productions.

Enafos explains the idea behind the mix after the jump

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Lord Akton ‘Spectator : Music Inspired by Carsten Meinert Kvartet’ – Out Now On Vinyl/Digital

Lord Akton returns to GSM with his third album ‘Spectator: Music Inspired by Cartsen Meinert Kvartet‘. The album is out now on LP and various digital formats such as iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal & Spotify. The album can be purchased online over on our Bandcamp or via the player below and at Run For Cover and Palmspree. We hope you will enjoy this journey in time from 1968 to 2017 and join us tonight at the release reception at Palmspree or this coming Saturday at the release concert at Mellemrummet .